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Planning Approved for a Commercial Property [Change of Use Application] - Chippenham

Update 22/11/2018

Planning has been approved and the client just left another positive review on our Facebook Page:

"Hi, just wanted to let you know I've just received planning approval for the change of use! Very happy! Thank you so much for all of your help, it wouldn't have happened without you :)"

Craig Richard Gill.

The Project - 01/11/2018

An interesting request, the client was looking to purchase a commercial building and putting in an application for change of use. He already made an application and sent in drawings, some done by another company and proposed sketches done by himself. The planners responded requesting that these drawings needed to be to scale along with some additional requests such as a location plan. The client then sent me photographs of these drawings. I started by importing the images and tracing over them. Then using dimensions shown on the images I was able to re-scale to the correct size in mm's

Client Review

"Excellent Service. Helped me with drawings for a planning application. Pulled out all the stops with excellent communication. I can highly recommend this company. Thank you."

Craig Richard Gill.

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