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Project Stages & Pricing (updated February 2022)

Our prices illustrated above are a typical example for a domestic property extension. Every job is different, and therefore each job will be in receipt of a written 'Fee Proposal' detailing our agreed services and the agreed fee for carrying out these services.


  • Stage 1
    Carrying out a Measured Survey of the Existing Building.

    Disbursements - 'Pro-Map' (OS) site plan to accompany Planning application.


  • Stage 2
    Production of 'As Existing' drawings.


  • Stage 3
    Production of Proposed Drawings. Submission to Local Planning Authority and assistance throughout the entire process.

Total to see through planning application stages:


Example of what our drawings tend to look like:

Services included for this fee:-

  • A Measured Building Survey of the Existing Building (usually 3-4 hours at the property, & we take notes of your proposed design).

  • Producing a full set of plans on A1 paper as illustrated above, elevations, floor plans, site plan. We produce proper old skool plans in 2D design (as illustrated above), that builders love to work from.

  • Production of an OS Map Location Plan.

  • Producing your Proposed Design on A1 paper as illustrated above, elevations, floor plans, site plan. We can add dimensions to the plan and any notes which you require.

  • Carrying out up to 3 reasonable amendments to the proposed design. Anything beyond reasonable will be classed under the 'Above and Beyond' Services.

  • Once the client is happy to proceed, we will submit the Planning Application and act as the agent throughout the entire process. Carrying out any required negotiations with the Planning Officer and seeing it through to the final decision. Our aim is to achieve the clients desired outcome but our main focus should be on coming to an agreement with the assigned Planning Officer.

  • We provide you with an additional guarantee, that our drawings will be produced within 2 weeks of measuring the building. Therefore, no waiting around for 1 to 2 months for your drawings. The process will be swift and getting you to the position you need to be.


We prefer payments made directly to our bank account. All projects are split into 3 stages and payment will be due upon completion of each stage. Details of where to make a payment can be found at the bottom of your invoice.

Services 'Above and Beyond':-

Any services above and beyond what was agreed will be subject to our 'Terms & Conditions' at the time of the agreement. These would have been supplied along with the agreed Fee Proposal.

3D Drawings:-

Can be produced on behalf of the client for an additional fee. However, our 2D drawings are to a very high standard and will be very effective in illustrating your proposed design.

Building Control Services:-

We can assist our clients with the Building Control stage for an additional fee POA. But we advise our client initially for free with regards to the different options available. And quite often talk ourselves out of the job for this stage.

Project Management:-

We offer a project management service for domestic property extensions and refurbishments. Our fee to cover this will be POA.

Other Services:-

We can provide a range of services to our clients, these include Structural Engineering Calculations, Topographical Land Surveys for New Builds, Setting Out Projects etc. Please contact for an initial estimated price.

Please inform us if your project involves some form of Eco-Friendly design or Historic Buildings.

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