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THE PROCESS (Planning Permission & Building Regulations)

All of these stages may not be required.


  1. First contact & advice - At HEAMES Building Surveyors & Architectural Design we understand that planning your own extension, new build, or renovation project can be very daunting. That is why, when you make first contact we are more than happy to discuss your project and help you understand the course you may need to take and decisions that stand before you.

  2. Free Initial consultation - We offer a free consultation service where we will discuss your requirements, taking on board your design ideas and budget, and assess the feasibility of your project from a planning and construction point of view. We will explain all of the stages that your particular project will follow and the timescales likely in achieving planning consent & building regulation approval. Finally, we will provide you with a full, no obligation, detailed quotation which will set out all of the costs you will be likely to incur throughout the design stage including any local authority charges.

  3. Existing drawings - "A good job begins with a good survey". That is why, we employ our own in-house staff who have been expertly trained to carry out a fully detailed, measured, survey in order to produce a set of drawings of the existing building or site. These drawings are required by local authorities to form the basis of any applications, as well as enabling us to produce accurate sketch schemes, planning drawings and regulation packages where practicable. The on-site survey can take several hours to complete and, dependent upon your requirements, may require access to every room of your property, loft space and outbuildings as well as locating internal/external drainage points and mains services routes such as Water, Gas & Electricity.

  4. Proposed design drawings - Using existing drawings, we can produce proposed sketches and layout plans detailing various possible options so you can further understand how your project will look, its functionality, and how it will fit in with your lifestyle. We can produce 3D visualisations and full building modelling on request.

  5. Submitting a Planning Application - If full planning permission is required for your chosen development, appropriate documents need to be submitted to the local authority. The application requires submission of existing and proposed drawings, as well as detailed forms and, in certain circumstances, a 'design & access' statement, flood risk assessments and sustainability reports. We can submit your application and address any issues or questions which may arise during the consideration process.

    • Permitted Development  ​​​​
      Permitted development rights mean that certain, small-scale, domestic projects can be created without the need to apply for planning permission. It's worth noting, however that in some areas, permitted development rights are more restrictive, or have been removed completely. We can help you understand the relevant guidelines and assist you with your design in order to comply. Should you wish to have written confirmation that the proposal meets permitted development guidelines, we can file an application for a Lawful Development Certificate.


    • Pre-application advice  
      A Pre-application enquiry can be submitted to the local authority if there is any doubt about the acceptability of the proposed design. This application seeks general advice on the likelihood of a project's success, although does not guarantee achieving full planning approval. The process is cheaper than a full planning application and can help to avoid or address unwanted issues and objections.


  6. Building Regulation Applications - Building Regulations are a set of legal documents set out by government that aim to achieve standards throughout the construction industry. They form a vital link between planning and final construction, and apply to most building work.​ This type of application requires much more detail than planning applications due to the extensive amount of legal regulations that building work has to comply with. We specialise in the preparation and submission of Building Regulation applications. Our vast experience and knowledge in producing highly accurate, detailed drawings have forged a close working relationship with local authorities, meaning that you will benefit from both a personal service and speedy approval.

    We also provide advice on how to apply for Building Regulation Approval using approved assessors, or how to obtain a National House-Building Council warranty.


    • Approved Assessors
      Building control assessment, approval and on-site inspections can be carried out by independent approved assessors and is applied for in much the same way as local authority approval.

    • National House-Building Council (NHBC)
      This is an independent organisation whose aim is to provide warranty and insurance on new build & newly converted housing projects. To achieve approval, the new build or conversion must be designed, built and monitored by their own assessors to meet their own set of standards. Once completed, a 'buildmark' ten year warranty and insurance policy is issued to the new homeowner.

We have worked with many independent approved inspectors as well as NHBC and are happy to discuss the benefits of either option with you. Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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